Tail Number



Reason For Loss




02AUG  69 Quang Nam    Province  

           Mid-air with USAF OV-1 about 5 miles                      NE of Tam Ky

CW2  AlbertA.Vaquera      [AC]

WO1 Thomas L. Dives, Jr.    [CP]

SP4 Thomas K. Ryan   [CE]

SP4 James S. Stacey    [CE]

SP4 Daniel A. Irelan        [G]

A/159 ASHB *


02 APR 69 Quang Tri Province

 A/C lost power, touching down on                        the side of a ravine. It then rolled                          to the bottom of the ravine, coming                        to rest on its left side and exploded.

* This loss is report on our web site as                    CW3 Powers was with Playtex before                   being transfered to A company

 CW3 Lowell S.Powers        [CP]

20 PAX killed

26 PAX injured


Playtex 506

15 FEB 71


A/C flew into enemy territory and exploded,     probably caused by ground fire, while on a         mission flying fuel into Laos CW2                         Marvin M. Leonard            [P]

WO1                             Barry F. Fivelson                [PP]

SP4 John L. Powers      [FE]

SP4 Donald E. Crone   [CE]

SP4 Willis C. Crear         [G]

On Ground 18 SEP 71

Mai Loc Killed at Mai Loc, when they accidentally     detonated  a mechanical ambush (Claymore)            on the last day of Lam Son 810. SP4 Kenneth L. Jones   [CE]

SP5                           Gerald  (Rip)V. Van Winkle                         [FE]


Playtex 866

             28 NOV 71

             Thua Thien Province  

A/C declared emergency and was later found     in a creek bed approx 650' up the side of a mountain. It had hit a 50 degree slope with     great impact causing the fuel cells to rupture     and a flash fire resulted. CW2 Jerald W. Carter [AC]

CW2 Joseph J. Savick  [CP]

SGT Michael A. Crawford [CE]

PFC Willie J. Oaks         [G]

SP4 Raymond A. Trujillo [C]

Also 29 PAX Killed

The above information comes from : http://www.armyaircrews.com and several Playtex members.